Ресторан «‎Панорама»‎

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Panorama Lviv Hotel
Адреса: Львів, пр. Свободи, 45

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Дякую за гарний вечір та смачні страви і вино. А вигляд на вечірнє старе місто та оперний театр просто незабутні!
Дякую за смачну кухню і такий потрясний вигляд з вікна))) то любов!
The food was great but the service was the worst, the meal was scattered with no rime to any continuity, one persons soup was brought 15 min before any of the rest of the dinner so this person had to wait while the rest of the party had dinner then the varaniky was going to be served well after the rest of the meals were finished so after 10 min when the waitress came back (and it was rare that she came back) we canceled it and paid the bill... also we ordered a dirty martini and after asking if she knew how to make one and was assured she did a red drink was delivered... NOT a dirty so i switched to a jack on the rocks... well i got one rock... one!!! so after a obviously mad waitress delivered a half gallon of ice i made it rocks, not rock.. come on guys, get with the game if you are going to have a top end restaurant at least train your wait staff. the priced are high which i don't mind but i do mind a poorly trained and incompetent wait staff.

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